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The full skin check

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Do you want to feel good about the skin that you are in? A full body skin check need not intrude on your modesty and gives you the assurance that there are no sinister spots on your skin that you have missed.


We at the Redgum skin cancer clinic have developed a method of carrying out skin checks in a thorough way and yet still giving you as much privacy as possible.

At the visit the doctor will ask you about any spots of concern and provide you with a curtained area to disrobe to your underwear.

You will be provided with a sheet and asked to lie on your back.

The doctor will check your face, legs, torso and arms and then ask you to roll over.

It is easier to check scalps while sitting on the couch after other areas have been examined.

Any spots that the doctor finds can usually be biopsied (sampled) at the same visit.

We use photos to locate the spot for later treatment and to follow particular moles but it is prudent and easy to remove concerning moles and get the lab's opinion rather than simply watch them.

We don't carry out formal whole body mole mapping as the benefit / time cost ratios just don't add up at this stage.