Cosmetic Procedures

Currently, we classify non skin cancer procedures as 'cosmetic procedures'.  These include removal of skin tags, harmless moles, epidermoid cysts and more. 

Skin Cancer

There is no denying the dangers of sun damage to our skin - which is our largest organ. We are all responsible to "look after the skin we're in" - after all, it is the only one we have!

A full skin check by our experienced Skin Cancer Doctor will take up to 15 minutes depending on your skin type and will give you the satisfaction that you have addressed this aspect of your health.   Our service includes a reminder letter sent out to you for your regular skin check.

Our Aim
Our aim is to diagnose and treat skin cancer using modern methods in a caring and friendly environment together with advising on prevention of further sun damage. 


We use Nikon Digital Photography equipment for monitoring moles. This assists with the diagnosis of skin cancer but in no way replaces the trained eye of the experienced clinician for accurate diagnosis. We also offer a dedicated theatre on site.

Services Offered

  • Diagnosis via skin checks and biopsy when required.
  • Advice on the best methods of treatment including surgery, cryotherapy or use of creams.
  • Surgery, cryotherapy and hyfrecation to treat diagnosed skin conditions, as appropriate.
  • Removal of non cancerous skin defects ie skin tags, epidermoid cysts and benign moles for cosmetic reasons. 

The Skin Examination
Our staff appreciate your need for modesty and provides a curtained dressing area and a covering sheet during the examination. In order to thoroughly screen for skin cancer, the doctor will need to examine all areas that have been exposed to the sun and will ask you to undress apart from your underwear. Ladies are asked not to wear makeup to their skin check appointment. 

Referrals Not Essential
Although we welcome referrals from other practices, no referral is required. 


If anything of concern is found during your skin check, if time permits we will commence treatment at that same appointment, otherwise you may need to make a further appointment for follow up treatment.

Fees to See Our Doctor

Concession rates are available for some concession card holders. 

Consultation fee  - The cost of a full check is $90.00 - medicare card holders will be left with a gap of $51.80 once their medicare rebate is received back.  (Accepted concession card holders pay a $75 fee and are left with a gap of $36.80)  Skin checks for children under 16 are offered at concession rates.

           Biopsies and all cryotherapy (liquid nitrogen spraying) for skin cancer treatment continue to be bulk billed.


Skin Cancer Removal Procedures  -  A consultation fee of $90 (concessions $60) is payable on the day.  

Non-Skin Cancer Procedures - A consultation fee of $75 - $150 will be payable on the day - the actual amount will depend on the complexity of the work being done.  

DVA Goldcard holders will be bulkbilled for all skin cancer treatment.

*any reference to concession is to read  'accepted concessions'